About Matheliebe

«Because it is part of the innermost essence of mathematics that it wants to be communicated, and because it is also such an exclusive, difficult-to-access art, it is, in my view, the duty of every mathematician to do his or her best to open the door to understanding for others.»

Helmut Hasse (1898-1979), German mathematician

Today’s mathematics has developed over thousands of years. Despite its strong roots in the natural sciences, it is an independent human science. Its essence is freedom in creative thinking, which is subject to control by logic. Many of the things that the modern world offers us contain mathematics ranging from the simplest to the most complicated. To put it succinctly: Mathematics is the science of patterns.

The exhibition wants you to experience three qualities, namely:

Current Exhibition


Growth and Shape
Delicate, Fractal, Dynamic
Tracking Engineers
Having an Edge
And Once Again, Archimedes
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,…

Exhibition book


Georg Schierscher: Matheliebe. Schaan: Alpenland Verlag 2013. 2. überarbeitete Ausgabe 2013, 276 Seiten.


This exhibition focuses on selected contents of school mathematics. We have avoided formulas as much as possible. Since the senses are food for thought, there is a lot of “sensory” content: physical models, computer graphics and computer animations, mathematics you can touch, pictures with mathematical motifs… In other words: mathematics you can touch!

Yes, please contact the appropriate contact where the exhibition is currently hosted.

Some prior knowledge is necessary, so we recommend a visit to the exhibition for children aged 12 and over. There are no upper limits.

The Matheliebe exhibition can also be studied in detail via the participation sheets as well as the Matheliebe exhibition book.